Michael is a locally known and collected artist committed to pushing the limits of contemporary realist oil painting.

His work explores human subjects, often lost in thought, discussion or private activity.  Delight, wonder and reflection are common themes in his pieces, executed with technique that focuses on the capture of the physical form and the contrast of light and color.  

His influences include traditional artists such as John Singer Sargent, Pierre Cot, Alphonse Mucha, William Bouguereau, and Gustave Caillebotte.  His contemporary influences include Richard Schmid, Casey Baugh, Jeremy Lipking, Frank Quitely, Jeffrey Spokes and Alyssa Monks, and he has studied under Casey Baugh, in the direct academic lineage of Richard Schmid.

His work has appeared in Skin And Ink magazine, Sidetracks Gallery in New Hope, PA, the Doylestown Arts Festival and the Rittenhouse Square Arts Festival in Philadelphia.

He lives in Bucks County, PA.




Artist Statement:

"I am fascinated with capturing the mood or story of the subject in my artwork.  Once the tone of the scene is clear, all the other artistic elements such as light, contrast, color come into place.  If I can communicate that emotion to the viewer, and they feel what I felt when creating it, that is the best reward and what keeps me coming back to the canvass."